About Us

Beauty and health are intrinsically linked: there is no beauty without health, and health maintenance is the root of all beauty.

Our mission is to make women feel confident and happier with themselves: healthy skin is made from within, resulting in true radiance.

Our mission

Women-owned and women-driven, Cybele operates from a perspective of inclusion and collaboration, using interaction and exchange as catalysts for openness and growth. We redefine the optimal approach to wellness, based on the belief that supplements should serve us as additional support to prevent, not cure, current and future health issues and deficiencies while enhancing our natural beauty. No more pills and capsules that are hard on the stomach and inconvenient. No more remedies to merely alleviate causes, but the empowering boost that only science and nature can provide, one that will increase your quality of life.


We worked closely with a deeply experienced team of doctors, nutritionists, and herbalists to develop The Goddess - a supplement that marries science with adaptogen herbal wisdom. It's an innovative all-in-one and one-a-day mixable formula that seamlessly becomes part of your daily routine; it’s based on natural, high quality, clinically proven, and rigorously lab-tested ingredients, allergen-free and without other preservatives, additives, flavorings, or sweeteners - all sustainably sourced, using traceable and mostly organic ingredients.


Mother nature has her way to engender health and wellness. At Cybele we intend to follow her example, and to respect the environment she created. We live this commitment in everything we do: our products' ingredients, how we source them, our packaging, and our activities.

All the ingredients we use are sustainably sourced in a verifiable manner, as we have direct knowledge and control of our supply chain; this favors quality control, eliminate contamination risks, and facilitate our assessment of labor practices.

Our packaging is made from natural raw materials, reusable and 100% recyclable, increasing the quality and potency of our products. Today and in our future, sustainability is and will remain our north star. Doing well for women, while doing right by the planet.

Our story

A few years ago, founder Irene was suffering from a health condition that left her constantly feeling tired, unhealthy, sick, depleted, and dull. For many years she tried to find a solution that was convenient and easy to fit within her busy lifestyle. She didn’t have enough time to browse through shop aisles and decipher long lists of ingredients to ensure they were all clean. And definitely didn’t want to take countless pills daily just to cover the basic vitamin supplementation.

The challenge she faced propelled her into years of research, and Cybele was born. Their signature blend, ‘The Goddess’ provides a simple, holistic, natural, and compelling way to enjoy and easily incorporate wellness into your daily routine. An all-in-one nutraceutical for women’s health and beauty, including the full spectrum of essential daily nutrients that they need to thrive inside-out in one convenient and tasty blend. A delicious pill-free experience to nourish the body with a perfect daily dose of whole foods, vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, probiotics, and more, acting as a preventative.

With Cybele, we want to empower women to reach their full potential by providing goodness from the inside that helps them glow on the outside.

We honor the beauty of EVERY WOMAN through an ongoing ritual of wellness, self-care, and community. By defining beauty through wellness and self-acceptance, we celebrate our UNIQUENESS.


Optimally dosed to work, The Goddess's formula includes several research-backed patents, is manufactured in our FDA-approved and GMP-registered facility.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.


We strive to extend our operating philosophy to various ways to give back to the community.

We are a women-led company, empowering one another. 

Among our ever-expanding activities in this area, we are proud to support Women One in its mission to educate underserved girls with every purchase of the Goddess. 


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