The goddesstm

Transform your skin & wellbeing

Our blend has been designed to get you results with clean, targeted, active ingredients. It provides all essential nutrients in bioavailable forms to fill diet gaps, support optimal health, and enhance beauty. Formulated specifically for women by women.


    with powerful ingredients

    Each dose provides the full spectrum of the essential daily nutrients our body needs to thrive inside out, preventing deficiencies and eliminating the need to take dozens of products.


    backed by science

    We only use clinically proven, high-quality, and rigorously lab-tested ingredients, including peer-reviewed patents to ensure effectiveness. It's powder form guarantees max absorbability.

  • clean, sustainable

    & third party tested

    Our medical-grade formula is completely free of fillers, chemicals & allergens - and tested by independent 3rd parties. All the ingredients we use are sustainably sourced and traceable.

  • ā€œMost of us are nutrient deficient. Hidden nutrient gaps prevent you from feeling your most vital and radiant self. The Goddess combines daily nutrition and ingestible beauty in one simple, delicious dose to empower you to become the best version of yourself. Based on the latest scientific research, our holistic formula supports all body systems in a preventative way without requiring dozens of solutions.Together we are reimagining the supplement aisle in a preventative and transformable way."Ā 

    - Irene Bataller, founder

The goddess tm

contains the full spectrum of the essential daily nutrients that your body needs to thrive inside-out

Containing 60+ food-derived nutrients and featuring patented peer-reviewed ingredients, our doctor-formulated solution serves as the first preventive, science-backed, all-in-one Health and Beauty nutraceutical that provides a full spectrum of the essential daily nutrients that your body needs to thrive inside-out.

The Goddess fills diet gaps, boosts energy and lipid metabolism, builds immunity, improves gut health, controls sugar cravings, fights inflammation, decreases bloat, promotes hormonal balance, improves skin overall appearance, strengthens hair and nails, and helps reduce stress levels by regulating cortisol.

All-in-one, once a day - that's all you'll need.

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  • Improves body composition

    Boost your metabolism with our key ingredients, including L-Carnitine and Kelp to aid the use of body fat for energy, and a combination of Horsetail, Cranberry fruit powder, and green tea leaf extract to manage excess water weight. Aloe Vera, L-Glutamine, Konjac root and BioPerineĀ® balance blood glucose levels and curve cravings.

  • Nourishes hair and nails

    Clinically proven to improve hair health: shine, volume, and scalp coverage, whilst strengthening nails with less splitting and breakage thanks to our proprietary blend that includes patentedĀ CynatineĀ® HNS, Vitamin C, Omega 3 microalgae, Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, Retinol, CoQ10, and more.

  • Revitalizes skin + anti-ageing

    Our potent, bioavailable formula contains proven key ingredients blend* to deliver a high-performance daily routine to efficaciously improve skin texture, elasticity, and hydration while supporting cell regeneration.

    *Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, potent greens and red fruits antioxidant blends. Resveratrol from grape seeds extracts and Vitamin C.

  • more Energy and Focus

    The Goddess provides the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals women need to reach optimal performance and fill diet gaps, supporting all body systems, including energizing adaptogens and nootropics such as Cordyceps, CognizinĀ®, and Lion's mane to enhance focus and attention, eliminating brain fog.

  • boosts Gut Health and Immunity

    Our formula contains LactoSporeĀ® 15 Billion Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Fiber to aid digestion and decrease bloating. Reishi supports healthy gut bacteria and fights infection and disease. Vitamin D balances mood - which is linked to gut health.

  • balances your hormones

    Regulate cortisol levels to help relax the body and mind. Improve your sleep quality with Ashwagandha, specifically beneficial for boosting your thyroid function. A proprietary blend of Magnesium, Raspberry, and Rhodiola Rosea, among others, help manage stress levels and fatigue.

The goddesstm