How to Perform a Year-End Wellness Assessment -Evaluating Your Journey and Adapting Resolutions for the New Year.

How to Perform a Year-End Wellness Assessment -Evaluating Your Journey and Adapting Resolutions for the New Year.

Meet Wendy Rodgers, a Health Mentor specializing in simplifying food and fitness with over20 years of experience. Wendy's dedication to wellness has shaped her own journey, offering insights into evaluating progress and adapting resolutions for a healthier lifestyle.

"I'm constantly assessing my health" shares Wendy. "Do I notice my energy levels getting worse, better, or staying the same? How is my mental clarity? How is my digestion? Do I notice any water retention such as my face looking more round and puffy?"

This mindful introspection serves as the cornerstone of a year-end wellness review. It's a meticulous examination, paying heed to the subtle cues and signals our bodies offer.

"A lot has changed in my life within the past 4-5 months," Wendy reflects. "Before, my day would look like the typical wellness expert/influencer. Mine is much different, and I've learned to embrace it"

The contrast between the former routine and the current lifestyle is stark. What was once a structured sequence of activities has evolved into a fluid and unconventional rhythm, challenging the conventional notions of a "routine."

"Now, there is nothing 'routine' about my days," Wendy admits.

The day still commences with the familiar rituals: waking up, refreshing with a face rinse, and embarking on invigorating 2-3 mile runs, replenishing with water and electrolytes. However, a significant shift occurs thereafter. The phone promptly enters Do Not Disturb Mode, signaling a departure from the constant digital influx.

The morning ritual takes a distinctive turn with the preparation of a creamy matcha latte infused with the Cybele Goddess powder. This indulgence is savored amidst the serenity of nature during tranquil reading sessions outdoors.

"Nature, along with my runs, is the time where the best clarity and direction for my day comes," Wendy shares.

Deliberate moments for meditation set the tone for an unscripted remainder of the day. Weight lifting sessions, meals (if not fasting), and spontaneous content creation form the unstructured fabric of the day's activities.

"This transformative journey not only defies the norm but also presents an opportunity to explore the essence of wellness beyond set patterns," Wendy reflects.

As the New Year dawns, Wendy Rodgers' journey serves as a testament to the adaptability and fluidity essential in creating realistic resolutions for health.

"If all is good," Wendy notes, "I know I am on the right track." This introspection underlines the importance of aligning health indicators with lifestyle choices.

However, acknowledging any deviations triggers a deeper evaluation process. "If not," she reflects, "I'll assess my sleep, stress, possibly eating inflammatory foods or eating more sugar, even real sugar, than my body needs."

This introspective journey is not just about acknowledging the positives but also about addressing potential areas for improvement. It's an opportunity to recalibrate habits and make mindful adjustments for a healthier tomorrow.

As you wrap up this year, consider embracing a similar reflective approach. Assess your progress, acknowledge achievements, and identify areas for enhancement. Conducting a comprehensive year-end wellness review empowers you to set realistic resolutions, paving the way for a healthier and more fulfilling year ahead.

Self-Reflection: Assess your energy, mental clarity, digestion, and physical changes
to gauge your health status.

1. Review Daily Routines: Analyze changes in routines that might influence your
wellness positively or negatively.

2. Mindful Dietary Observation: Reflect on your food choices and patterns, noting
inflammatory foods or excess sugar intake.

3. Evaluate Physical Activities: Assess workout routines, duration, and consistency to understand their impact on your fitness.

4. Stress and Sleep Analysis: Examine stress triggers, sleep quality, and patterns for
their effects on your well-being.

5. Prioritize Relaxation: Allocate time for relaxation and meditation, promoting mental peace and nature connection.

6. Adaptation and Adjustment: Embrace flexibility and be open to making mindful
changes for a healthier lifestyle.

7. Goal Setting: Set realistic wellness goals and resolutions based on your assessment for the upcoming year.

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