The Journey Behind Cybele's Revolutionary Nutraceutical for Women

The Journey Behind Cybele's Revolutionary Nutraceutical for Women

Irene Bataller, a former NYC-based executive, launched Cybele following her own health struggles stemming from modern life factors such as such as stress, digestive problems, inflammation, bloating, brain fog, hair thinning, and low energy, among others. She needed a solution to level up her professional and personal life. “I was busy, I needed something that could fit seamlessly into my life to support my wellbeing and let me focus on all the things I wanted to achieve.” 

Did you encounter any particular turning point or realization in your health journey that made you think, "I need to create a solution for this"?

I realized that I was not alone. Women around me, coworkers, friends who were also executives, busy mothers, and some entering menopause, were in the same situation, facing the same issues related to hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, stress levels, low energy, and mood swings, among others. They were also confused and disappointed with supplements, taking many products simultaneously for health, beauty, and metabolism without getting results. The data is clear: 80% of women have experienced or will experience hormonal imbalances, and 90% have nutritional deficiencies. This realization inspired me to gather a team of leading experts in preventative medicine, genetics, and dermatology, and Cybele was born.

How did your personal experiences navigating ‘the supplement jungle’ shape the values and principles behind Cybele?

The supplement industry is highly unregulated and fragmented. Most products use very low-quality ingredients, fillers, and altered substances, and all try to solve problems in isolation, without considering the overall organism. Our philosophy follows a fundamental principle: Our health is interconnected—our gut health impacts our skin health, our sleep impacts our mood, and our diet impacts our hair, etc. When you want to improve skin, you need to address your gut health first. When you're balancing sugar levels, you're not only improving metabolism but also preventing premature cognitive decline. Everything is interconnected. That's why we created a unique solution for total holistic health, beauty, and body composition. 

On the other hand, the industry is generic and unsustainable. As women, we have specific needs. We go through unique conditions such as hormonal changes, leading to mood swings, skin and hair problems, and we are the ones who physically suffer the physical and emotional effects during pregnancy and postpartum. Balancing all of this with your career is challenging. Additionally, regardless of age, women have a lower density of collagen within their skin than men. This is why women appear to age faster than men of the same age - looking visually about 15 years older than men of the same age. I also became concerned about the environmental impact of plastic bottles and irresponsible agriculture sourcing practices.

How did the formulation process of Cybele work?

It took us years to finalize the formulation of Goddess. In the process, lead experts in women's health such as nutritionists, gynecologists, dermatologists, physicians, naturopaths, among others, were involved. We wanted the best ingredients and wanted to know where each of them came from, for traceability, ensuring they are harvested sustainably. Manufacturing in an NSF registered facility facilitates us adhering to the highest quality requirements. Every production run undergoes exhaustive testing, including potency, composition, purity, and microbiological analysis, to comply with our strict benchmarks.

Were there specific gaps or deficiencies in the existing market that you identified that Cybele fills?

The Goddess is the first nutraceutical for women's whole health, beauty, and body composition. With over 70 ingredients acting synergistically, it marries nature with science and technology for results you can feel and see. Its sachet format allows you to take it anywhere, mixing it with your coffee or meal in the morning, making the process easy and enjoyable. Its powder form ensures your body really absorbs the nutrients. It is the most complete solution in the market that will support all 11 body systems jointly, specifically formulated for women. The Goddess includes ingredients of the highest quality, using patented technology to guarantee efficiency.

Who can benefit from making Cybele part of their routine?

Goddess is crafted for the modern woman aspiring to live a full, ambitious life, excelling both professionally and personally. It's designed to help her balance the demands of family, career, and the pursuit of a vibrant physical appearance, supporting a healthy and sustainable aging journey. Serving as a competitive advantage for the body and mind, inside and out, The Goddess empowers women to become the best versions of themselves. 

“Our mission is to help other women in my situation to thrive without needing to turn their lives up side down with drastic lifestyle changes and unsustaiable supplement routines. Cybele is here to make things easier, so that you can worry about the things that matter.”

Medically reviewed by Dila Kavame, MD, MSc


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